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While choosing your Arizona Wedding Photographer, a contrasting or complimentary decision of hiring a Arizona Wedding Videographer can also be made. While photographic stills of your special day will leave you with tangible memories of lifetime, being worth a thousand words each; video documentation will actually speak those thousand words.


As with every other option in your Tucson or Phoenix wedding, there are sub-options and advantages to consider. There are two main types of wedding videos; journalistic and cinematic.


Journalistic is also known as documentary style, the segments of the video are edited to allow for continuity and flow, usually of the wedding day and events as they occur. Cinematic is an alternative, which, as the name suggests, presents itself in a movie or film type and is edited for a more dramatic mood and effect. This is usually shot with a style that creates a flair effect, not simply a standard documentary of the wedding. A storytelling effect adds sound bites that are recorded before, during, or after shooting, generally from the bride and groom. These bites are added to an audio track for effect and momentum of the film.


Short Form Wedding Video is footage of the wedding day that is edited so to play within an allotted time frame, often between fifteen and fifty to sixty minutes. Traditional Wedding Video is a title given as a “catch-all” to any video type that is not describable by any of the previous. These are shot in the style of a family home video; they are often edited, though not as heavily as the others, running as short as two hours.


Just as there are these many video styles, there are just as many production options. Engagement videos are fun recordings of the proposal, most often shot without the knowledge of the bride. Initiation Videos are shot to be either used as or included in the wedding invitations, usually a personal message from the bride and groom inviting friends and family to the wedding. Same Day Videos are shorter footages shot on the wedding day, usually shadowing the couple before, during and after the ceremony and often showed at the reception.


These are only a small sample of options you can discuss when choosing your Arizona Wedding Videographer. Whichever style you choose, trust that you will find the absolute in Arizona Videographers here at our Arizona Wedding Planner site! Many congratulations again on the start of your new life!




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