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Choosing your Arizona Wedding officiate can be one of the more difficult decisions to make when planning your Tucson or Phoenix Wedding. If you and/or your husband-to-be currently belong to a church, the decision may be simpler.

Even once you decide who, you need to look in to the requirements in marrying in that church (or by that religious officiate) well before the wedding day. Some churches require membership in the church or parish for a specific length of time, and some may require couples to attend premarital classes.


Should you and your groom make the decision to marry through a church you need to find out the procedure for marrying either in the church itself or off site. For those who elect not to have a religious affiliation you can contact your local Justice of the Peace and inquire about their protocol for off site weddings as well as pricing.


Religious or not, with either you should set up a meeting between the officiate and yourself and groom. Once you have selected which type of officiate you would like to use, you and your groom should discuss the vows; whether to write your own or repeat the more traditional ones, as well as deciding the contest of the sermon or message delivered during the ceremony. Perhaps you would like scripture verses incorporated or simply ideals of love, unity, and partnership.


Another thought is the length of the actual ceremony’s procession, how the exchanging and vows and rings should be done and if or when to interlude with music. These are all very important decisions to discuss with your husband-to-be and then your prospective Wedding Officiates in Arizona. Remember, this is your day and you deserve exactly what you want. Congratulations again on your Arizona Wedding!



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